Saturday, October 14, 2006

New Photos
I have been so busy crocheting and doing the dentist thing that I haven't blogged or updated my photo albums recently.
Have finished 3 of 4 doilies for my bedroom, the last one just has a couple of rows left to do. I have done 50 caps for Caps to the Capital, crocheted edging on fleece blankie along with a bonnet and booties for a friend whose 1st granddaughter is coming. Also have done a mesh tank top for --tba--, but it still needs blocking. Am working on my first ever purse, needs to be assembled and I need to get buttons for it. I have crocheted 2 crochet hooks cases which will be Xmas gifts.

I am impatiently waiting the arrival of some yarn to make two more tank tops for Xmas gifts. Guess I need to make a list somewhere so I remember what I have in mind for everyone. I picked a slipper pattern for my ---. Hopefully, I have enough of something in my stash so I won't have to buy more yarn.
I did finally post pics of our craft/office. We call it the Giggle Room. I did a post a few months ago on it. Very colorful and we love it. Still have to locate Penny's cross stitch stuff and add it to the room. I'm sure there is some room somewhere for a couple more boxes of stuff!