Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Friday

People are crazy!  I avoid Black Friday like the plague.  Shopping, unless yarn or books is involved, is not a favorite pastime of mine, anyway.  There is nothing in the world I need or want badly enough to battle crazy people for it.
I only caught a snippet of news Friday night, so Saturday when I checked the news, I was appalled to see how folks were treating each other--over some stupid game that the kid doesn't need anyway.  When I was much younger, I heard stories about ladies who would push each other and snatch things from other shoppers when the stores in downtown Los Angeles would have some really big sales, but I never personally saw any of that. A little crowding, cutting in line to pay is about as violent as it got.
But, to actually pepper spray other people to get a game, or steal from folks as they leave the store, or walk over a man having a heart attack.  This behavior has to stop!  Miss Manners is turning over in her grave..
I spent my Black Friday getting some packages ready to mail today.  First, and most important, was the package to my granddaughter, Nic.  She and her hubby are spending Christmas in Michigan with Josh's grandfather.  Grandpa has been very ill recently, so the kids are looking forward to seeing him soon.  Nic's birthday is right before Christmas, so I mailed both birthday and Xmas in the same box.  All crocheted by me.  But, being the very efficient person that I am, I forgot to take pics before I taped the box shut.  Duh!  What was I thinking?  I have a pic of one item as I am writing the pattern, but I forgot 2 others, also original designs which I have the notes so I can write the patterns.  Maybe after the holidays, Nic will take pics and send to me.  I'll tell you more later about what I made with what yarn.
My next box went to my Crochet Partner, Dawn.  Every year, Dawn puts together holiday gifts for our military persons who don't receive packages from home.  I've been contributing scarves for several years now.  This was my most productive year so far, with 18 scarves in total.  Some of my new scarf designs, available on Ravelry, came from this project.
The final package went to my daughter, Heidi.  When she was here about 4 or 5 years ago, she left some things behind when she went home.  I decided it was finally time to get them sent to her.  So, another package on its way.
I also worked on my Xmas cards.  But it seems, some folks don't want one of my snowflakes in their card this year as I can't seem to get the addresses I need.
I am so far ahead of schedule this year that I am not quite sure what to do next.