Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Calming Effects of Crochet
I belong to several online crochet groups and every once in a while, someone will post about the calming that comes over them when they grab a crochet hook.
Many years ago, I was hospitalized with a mysterious malady and was in horrendous pain and scared to death. I was a 19 year old, single mother of a 5 month old baby. My parents lived 1500 miles away and even tho I had an aunt locally, I was feeling overwhelmed and very afraid.
After the docs did a spinal tap, they finally gave me a shot for the pain and I passed out.
I think the most comforting moment of my life was when I woke up and my mom was sitting next to my bed crocheting! I somehow knew that everything was all right in my world again.
P.S. They never found out what caused the pain or the grand mal seizures, but it all went away and never came back. I wasn't allowed to drive for a year because of the seizures, but after that, it was back to business as usual.