Sunday, February 10, 2008

Catty Corners Finished

Well, it's done! Thanks to all my friends at CP for keeping me on track. I have taken a couple of pics so you can see. I need to take photog lessons. Not nearly as pretty in the pics as in person. Maybe I should take it outside (we have sun today) and see if I can get a better pic.

Anyway, I am entering this in a least 2 county fairs this summer. I wanted something that was a bit of a challenge, and squares are it for me. I get tired of making them and I absolutely hate joining them. This particular pattern had a whole new group of challenges along those lines. It is 63 squares (an odd number) and the squares were made in pairs by color sequence. Five main colors done 6 different ways = 60 squares. Had to lay them all out on the bed to figure out what colors I needed for the last 3.
First challenge-asked my roommate to come take a look and see what colors she thought I needed. This is a very busy pattern. Not understanding the layout, she started moving stuff around and next thing I knew, we had separated some of the pairs. OK. Not so bad. We got them all laid out so the pattern made some kind of sense, were taking a good look to make sure nobody was facing the wrong way - and -
Second challenge- Hazel (one of the cats) jumps up on the bed scattering squares everywhere. OMG! Thought I would die. Finally locked the cats out and got them all lined up again. So, we laid a sheet over them so they couldn't get mixed up again.
Third challenge-I safety pinned the first row together w/only 1 pin in the middle. By the time I got to my chair, some of them had flipped around and twisted so I have no idea what I have.
Final solution: stitch markers on each side so they couldn't move. Joined w/slip stitch each row and then the strips together. Did join the wrong side of 2 strips and realized it when I laid it back on the bed. Ugh! Frogged the joining and did it again. Finally got to the ripple border. Marked the corners with stitch markers, as after the first couple of rows, corners were hard to spot easily and that is where the differences in the rows are.
Anyway, it's finished. Now on to my Feb list of goals.