Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wow! So much has happened since my last post.
We are moved, still buried under boxes, but most of them are now in the spare bedroom, (sorry Margaret), for the garage sale, or in the garage still waiting its turn.
The packing and moving was an adventure. Neither Penny or myself has ever had anyone do our packing for us, and I seriously doubt if it will ever happen again. These guys used about 5 trees worth of paper. Instead of using dish boxes, they wrapped every item in the kitchen in a minimum of 1 sheet of paper. Some things had 3! They wrapped candles in paper, but not my antique dolls. Go figure!
And it turned out to be the hottest 3 days we've had all summer. But, give the devil his due, they worked hard! Took them from 9 to 6 on Wed to pack, and the moving started at 9 the next morning, and they finished at 9 that nite. Made me tired just watching them. All that supervising was exhausting.
A couple of slight misadventures; what would a move be without them?
The first was at our old house. We lived on an alleyway which is a private street for the residents, but kids walk thru and parents drive thru taking kids to and from school. Well, about 3 in the afternoon, the guys were loading the 2nd truck (yes, 2 trucks) and some lady pulls up behind the truck and starts honking and wants them to move the truck so she can pick her kid up at the Catholic school down the street. Her behavior was totally rude and unacceptable, so after a few words, she gets out of her car, leaves it in the alley and walks away. Now, she is blocking our neighbors drive (the truck was not). So, Penny, former police dispatcher that she is, gets all her pertinent info and calls the police dept. They say they will send a car as soon as they can. Well, she comes back, still shouting obscenities, kid studying his tennis shoes, and finally backs down the alley and leaves. Penny calls the PD back to stop the car and was told that since she had all the info the lady will be getting a citation in the mail. Hurray!
The last thing loaded was our personal stuff that we wanted to carry ourselves. The guys loaded it in the back of my wagon, and we are off to the new house. About 10:30, we can't find my personal box. No nightie, sheets, shower gel! How can this be? Thank god we still have the keys to the old house. Back we go. Yep! There is the box sitting right in the middle of my empty bedroom. Another lesson learned. Follow the movers thru the house and make sure it is all out. Between us, we've moved about 60 times, you'd think we would know this.
The next day we are trying to find all the TV's, VCR's, cable boxes, etc so the cable guy can hook us up. One tv is missing. It's a 19" so pretty hard to overlook if it's just sitting around somewhere. Actually, we have 2 of these, exactly alike. One belongs in the living room and the other in my bedroom. I have one in my room, so we are assuming the missing tv is for the living room. We were crawling thru the boxes in the garage trying to see if it was buried anywhere. At one point, I have crawled thru a hole trying to look down the stacks of boxes. Couldn't see it, so was trying to get myself out. My feet are off the floor, and my body is only on a solid surface from my knees to my hips. When trying to find something to push off, I find the only thing within reach are black plastic bags of pillows. Ok! Now I'm thrashing around like a beached whale. Penny grabbed my feet and pulled me back just far enough to get a hold on a stack of boxes. But still no TV. Several phone calls back and forth to the movers. Still no tv. I have called the cable company and they are only going to hook up basic cable for us and then reschedule the main installation til we find all the equipment. We are now looking at all boxes that could be big enough to hold the elusive tv. After 5 long, hot hours, we found it in my bedroom at the bottom of a tall stack of boxes. Hmmm! Guess the tv in my room really belongs in the living room.