Thursday, May 06, 2010

And the winner is:

drum roll please- JD from St Louis
I liked the Tabard part of JD's suggestion, so kept looking for the other part.  Finally, after studying the history of this garment, decided this is a classic timeless piece.  So, please welcome to my pattern line, Timeless Tabard.
I will have the pattern in my Ravelry store within the next day or two. Thanks to all who helped me find a name.

I spent

Way too much money on this afghan.  But I fell in love with the yarn,.  I can't find the label right now, but I think it was Ella Rae baby cotton, which is 80% cotton and 20% nylon.  Then I edged it with Knit One Crochet too Ty-Dy socks yarn.  Both are very nice, but I sure can't afford to do this very often.
So, I'm saving this for my first great grandchild, someday far, far in the future.
This is an original design using one of my stitch books.  I first did it in some very fine baby yarn that I had laying around then I saw this cotton and fell in love.  I have written the pattern, but it is a little different for each of them because the first one was probably category 1 yarn and this one in more of a category 2.  This one is just a little larger than the first. 
I now need to wash my swatch (I know, should have done that first) to see how it will hold up.  Put it in the bucket for the fair.