Thursday, August 02, 2007

My Brain is Mush!
Since our landlord dropped the bomb about our having to move, my brain has turned to mush. Yesterday I called the pharmacy about a prescription I am out of, & can't find the Rx number. They tell me it has been ready to pick up since 8/24. I do not remember calling it in.
Thank goodness that my big crochet projects are all done. Have a couple of small fill-in projects still to finish, but no time limit on them. I am having a terrible time getting anything accomplished. I have a set of hangars to mail to Lyn, but can't seem to get the last couple finished. I need to box the hat & scarf to Jamil now that I have his address in Japan.
There all kinds of things to do to get ready for the move. For the 1st time in my life, I am having packers & movers. I have loaded all the finished books in my car to drop off at the thrift store. I want to go thru my closet and donate to the community center anything I can't wear or haven't worn in recent memory. Hmmm, might have to take another look at that-my memory seems to be about a nano-second long these days.
I have so many Indian pics on my walls, I can't even count them. Many are just greeting cards that I framed when I had nothing. In the new place I will not have enuf wall space for all of them, so I am going to scan them, and download to my screensaver program.
Everything in our attic has to come down, and we need to check the packing to make sure it will make the move w/no damage.
I have found patterns for a bath set I want to make for my bathroom at the new address, and Penny asked if I would make a table runner for the dining room.
So, with this TO DO list, what am I doing? playing Free Cell.