Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Fairs have started.
Well, the first of the three county fairs that I'm entering this summer is this weekend. We went today, Penny, Kitty, Nicolle, and Peter. We did very well! Yea!
Since this is my blog, we'll start with my stuff. I won a 2nd for my Sweater (the category is Men/Women crochet or knitted). Then the Grandma's Napkins doily took 2nd. My original pattern cap & scarf did nothing but look good on the shelf. Didn't even take a picture of it. Duh! Just because it didn't win doesn't mean it should have been ignored. My baby ghan took 2nd And last but not least, my Granny Ripple afghan also took a 2nd. Red Ribbons all around. No blues for me this fair. But there's another right around the corner.
Penny got 1st place for both her cross stitch picture Weekend in Pairs, and her cross stitch quilt Bears and Balloons.
Peter won 2nd for the Shifting Sands shell and 1st for the Elegant Swellegance sweater (same category as mine.
So in a category for both knit and crochet, we took 1st and 2nd with crochet! How cool is that? Good day. Had a lot of fun looking at all the stuff and eating of course. I had my very first gelato today.
You can see the pics in the photo section to the right in the album 2009 County Fairs.