Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Techno-Challenged Grandma

Almost everyone I know has a touch screen cell phone.  I don't even have a cell phone.  We are still making and receiving calls on a land-line.  I did have a cell phone for a while, but I just couldn't justify the cost of having both and since I used my cellphone so little, I let it go.  If I could find a very inexpensive family type plan, I might switch from land-line to cell phones, but I won't do both.
We have 4 TVs, only one is a flat screen HD unit.  We would love to replace the others, but just can't justify the cost when the ones we have work just fine.
I thought I was big stuff when I bought my Kindle a couple of years ago before my cross country train trip.  It's a pretty plain Jane model but it does have a keyboard, so I can take notes.  I never have.
My camera is a Canon point and shoot digital camera.  Pretty snazzy.  I even know how to download to the computer and upload to Facebook and Ravelry and this blog.  I have a photo editing software on my computer and have learned how to crop and resize my photos.  I'm sure I can do more, but---
Penny and I were talking about having music while we walked the dog and were reminiscing about the good old days and transistor radios.  Now, that was hi-tech back in the covered wagon days when we were in high school.  I was pretty sure what we needed is an MP3 player.  So I started searching for something that would do what we want.  They're out there!  Lots of them!  From about $10 to as much as you want to pay.  Brands I' ve never heard of  to IPods.  You can play music, watch movies- I can't watch movies and walk, that's like texting and driving.   Too confusing.
My granddaughter, Nicole, called today, so I asked her advice on what I need.  She said, "Sounds like what you want is the one I had in high school."  She said her Smart Phone does all that now, so she will send it to me when she gets home next week from visiting her dad.  Now I have to learn how to download I-Tunes and upload CDs to my computer so I can load them into the I-Pod when it comes.  

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Ambar said...

Cay, I listen to music on the computer or TV or sometimes the radio, esp. if I'm in my car... I have a smart phone but don't really like it. :)